Collect data from the web or via mobile application, data curation by users, public or private projects


Ask them to help you curate the information

Open source

Use a portal, or host it!

Data information

Get media but also metadata (location, type, geolocation ...)

Customization per project

You define for your project the form to use


Involve your community in your project

Massive data collection

Collect from all over the world, or nearby...

As a scientist

As a scientist you can create free projects, and build a community of user to help you find valuable data and curate the tons of gathered information. You define a basic form then user sends a photo, with its position and the filled form. Domain can be biology, architecture, birds...

  • Photos and related data
  • Geolocation of data, maps
  • Form answers per image
  • Statistics on user submitted data
User data curation
  • User or project users data curation
  • Find point of interest in an image
  • Public or private access to content
API access
  • REST API access with your user key
  • API access to all elements
  • You can manage your own web site for display and use the scitizen API for backend management

As a citizen

As a community science citizen you can help scientists gather information and help them curate their data.

You have seen something of interest for one of the projects? Take a photo and send it with geo data (on your mobile phone, or afterward on the project site).

  • Help a scientific project filling a database of knowledge
  • Contribute with new items
  • Form answers per image
  • Access to the project media (photo,..)
  • Anonymous or social contribution
  • Curate the data provided by others
  • Be part of a research community
  • Get items around you (soon)
  • Mobile application (Android, more to come)
  • Browser application

More info

Google Maps

Scitizen make use of the free but limited Google Maps API. Usage is limited. If you think your project will need high usage, you can get and use your own API key for your project at Google.

Akismet helps you prevent spam in your submitted data. You can use your Akismet key per project to help you filtering user data (Optional).

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